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Friday, April 12, 2019

a night with Michelangelo

10:50 AM

A night with Michelangelo: enjoy the 3d theatre show Giudizio Universale, have a glass of wine to relax your soul and then take our guided visit into the Vatican Museums to see the real Sistine chapel

Meeting point: via della Conciliazione, 4
Duration: 5-10 pm
Max group size:10

During the summer season Art lovers are offered the unique opportunity to visit the Vatican Museums at night. The museum opens his doors after sunset till 11 pm. We will visit all the masterpieces of the Vatican, including the Sistine Chapel and the Pope Apartments, avoiding big crowds.
Join us for this wonderful late summer evening full of history, art and beauty.
This year you have got the possibility prepare yourself to the great Museum visit watching the show Giudizio Universale at the Conciliazione theatre with a special reduced ticket.
The theatre show is an immersive and modern way to understand fully the Renaissance art and be ready and well prepared for the visit of Michelangelo's masterpiece
Guided tour by Christiaan Santini.

Giudizio Universale. Michelangelo and the Secrets of the Sistine Chapel is a viewer-immersive show made with the scientific advice of the Vatican Museums.
The viewer is taken on a journey through time. It starts by taking us to the sixteenth century to visit the quarries of Carrara on a search for the perfect piece of marble.
Michelangelo’s passion for stone arose out of his relationship with “the giant”, a rock that seemed impossible to sculpt, until he created the most iconic statue of all time: David.
Michelangelo is without a doubt, an artist. He not only sculpts, but also writes poetry and paints. This is why Pope Julius II commissioned him to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
The Chapel will appear to the public as it was before Michelangelo began work on it, and the viewer will explore, in his presence, the lateral paintings carried out by the Italian masters who preceded him.
A magical journey featuring the artist’s creative process where the ceiling paintings dedicated to Genesis come alive and express their humanity.
In 1513, a year after completion of the ceiling fresco, the Sistine Chapel became, for the first time, the place where the Papal conclave, the meeting convened to elect the Pope, would take place. Thanks to a free interpretation, the symbols of this timeless rite come to life.
At the end of the Papal conclave, the viewer will find themselves before the new Pope. Clement VII orders Michelangelo to create the fresco on the main wall of the Sistine Chapel.
A new challenge for Michelangelo, who in a moment of inspiration produces a visionary and powerful fresco depicting the Last Judgement, one which completely breaks with previous tradition.
Giudizio Universale immerses us in an aesthetic, emotional and spiritual experience.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The ultimate food guide in Rome spring & summer 2019 by Chris

1:39 PM

Where to eat in Rome, a short guide by Christheguide for your spring and summer 2019

A very important part of any holiday is the food, expecially when in Rome.
Italian food is no doubt on of the best possible worldwide but Rome you have to know where to go.
Where do I go to eat?
Here some tasty suggestions:

La Torricella in via Evangelista Torricelli 2, Testaccio Area
Just one of my favourite places in all Rome. Especially for the antipasti and fresh fish. 
Testaccio is a little south of the city-center but is worth a visit, the area is in general one of the pest places to seek for real roman food for local, la Torricella is simply my place

Other options in the Testaccio area:
Da Felice, via Mastro Giorgio 29
Perilli, via Marmorata 39
Both old traditional places, very high quality but a little more expansive than la Torricella.

Other beautiful area to seek for food is the Jewish district, known in Italian as the Ghetto.  
My favourite is: Ba Ghetto, via del Portico d'Ottavia, 57. Real kosher restaurant, but roman  and Israeli kosher cuisine, just failproof. 

Other option in the Ghetto area:
Yotvata, Piazza Cenci 70; signature song pasta with fish
Sora Margherita, Piazza delle Cinque Scole 30, not kosher, simple small and cosy place. Food 5 stars

The third mecca aerea for food in Rome is Trastevere, and here the choice is very complicated.
The place to go is anyway still th Pizzeria ai Marmi (aka Panattoni), Viale Trastevere 57. Take a pizza there and appetizer (supplì is just mind-blowing). To me, really, best pizza in town. Super cheap...

more in Trastevere?
Trattoria Antico Carlone, Via della Luce 5 has one of the best Carbonara's in town
Enzo al 29, Via dei Vascellari, 29 is great but on all the touristic guides so always very crowded. Go if you want but very early or very late.
Osteria der Belli, piazza S.Apollonia,11. Nothing changed there since 1970 I suppose, great vintage option.
For take away do not miss: il Supplì (aka da Venanzio), via san Francesco a Ripa 137

And if you are in other areas of town? 

If you go to San Lorenzo, close to the train station and the San Lorenzo Basilica choose: Pommidoro, piazza dei Sanniti 46
If you are in between the train station and the Colosseum (piazza Vittorio area) 2 places: da Danilo, via Petrarca 13 and Vecchia Roma, via Ferruccio 13.
Close to the train station few steps form the wide via Nazionale avenue have a sit in Est Est Est, via Genova 32

around the super monumets of Rome city-center:

Colosseum area:
Taverna Romana, Via della Madonna dei Monti, 79: very close to the Roman Forum entrance, quality/price unbeatable there
Nerone, via delle Terme di Tito 96: on the Oppian hill, good food with tables outside facing the Colosseum
Le Tavernelle, via Panisperna 48: out of the touristic routes, hidden to the most = hidden gem
Very very colse to the Colsseum, few steps form the besutiful San Clemente church:
Luzzi, Via di San Giovanni in Laterano, 88 for cheap pizza with tables outside
Naumachia, Via Celimontana 7, air conditioned, huge, all good, nothing special but well, why not...

Trevi area:
I would personally never stop to eat around there, but if mandatory:
Vineria Il Chianti, via del Lavatore 81
Quirinetta caffè e cucina, via Minghetti 2
Trattoria al Moro, vicolo delle Bollette 13 (this is a great place but expansive) 

Ranaissance city center:
Enoteca Corsi, via del Gesù 87-88. Known as the luch place for the Gesuit piests as theys main chrch is very close by. Do not forget, where priests eat in Rome food is always good. Opend only on lunch time during the week, dinner just on weekends! Few steps form the Pantheon.

For take away pizza choose pizza Florida via Florida 25 (but basically on Largo Argentina, right in front of the place where Cesar was assassinated!)

Campo de' Fiori is the place in Rome for an aperitif, if hungry afterword’s choose:
Grappolo d'Oro, Piazza della Cancelleria, 80. I go there often. (but no tables outiside)
Ar Galletto, piazza Farnese 104: good food, honest prices and with a nice view on palazzo Farnese, the most beautiful renaissance facade of town (by Michelangelo by the way)

Around Navona square I go to 2 places:
Ponte & Parione, Via di S. Maria dell'Anima 62; food & kitchen
Pizzeria La Montecarlo, vicolo Savelli 13. Just pizza or pasta, forget about the rest of the menu and you'll have a great meal


in italian: Martedì 30 aprile ore 10. Leonardo, la scienza prima della scienza

12:16 PM

Martedì 30 aprile ore 10: Leonardo, la scienza prima della scienza

Martedì 30 aprile ore 10
Leonardo, la scienza prima della scienza
Scuderie del Quirinale

Il 2019 è l'anno delle celebrazioni in onore di Leonardo da Vinci. Roma dedica al maestro toscano una mostra sul suo genio meccanico e scientifico con l'esposizione di alcuni fogli del celebre codice atlantico. La mostra descrive anche la scienza e la conoscenza attorno a lui, le fonti di cui poteva disporre ed il mondo in cui egli viveva. Un Leonardo da Vinci senza arte ma di grandissimo interesse per una mostra che non si può assolutamente perdere.
Isidora e Christheguide vi racconteràanno l'evento con la voce della nostra fedelissima super guida Lavinia Collodel.

Martedì 30 aprile ore 10

Leonardo, la scienza prima della scienza
Scuderie del Quirinale
Si prega di confermare la presenza al fine di poter prenotare l'ingresso

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Bernini vs Borromini: wednesday march 20th 10 am:

10:55 AM


It was a rivalry between two men that transformed Rome into the most beautiful and modern city of 17th century Europe.

Meeting point:
Palazzo Barberini, main entrance.  
2 hours
 Max Group Size:
March 20, 2019
Start Times:

These two really hated each other. Their names: Gianlorenzo Bernini and Francesco Borromini. This… is the story of their enmity!
So, let’s get to know the contenders. Understanding Baroque in a 2 hours walk!
The two main masters of roman Baroque: Bernini's passion, art as a full theatrical lighting. Borromini's genius, the modernity of "chess master" architect.
Their masterpieces on the Quirinale hill.

S. Andrea al Quirinale (Bernini)

S. Carlo alle Quattro Fontane (Borromini)

S. Maria della Vittoria (Bernini)
Palazzo Barberini (Bernini and Borromini)

Practical information

Duration: 2 hours
Language: english
Price: €25 per person

Monday, January 7, 2019

The Sacred and the Sexual - Friday january 18th 11 am at Palazzo Barberini

8:37 PM

Palazzo Barberini is an an extraordinary Baroque palace built for Pope Urban VIII. It hosts the national collection of Renaissance and Baroque art.
Discovering this unique art collection we will focus on the development of European taste in matter of nudity, sexuality and love to find out that both profane and sacred art pieces are valuable historic sources to comprehend the morality of the European society through the centuries.

 - In Christian societies, patrons and artists valued chastity and celibacy. Depictions of unclothed bodies were very rare and used just to convey ideas of shame, how and when did it change?
- What is the influence of "classical" Greek and Roman art nudes on the development of European art? 

- Nudity in Christian art is just a consequence of Renaissance naturalism or it is an aesthetic choice guided by deep religious beliefs?

- What is the difference in-between nudity and nakedness?

- Are sex objects in art shown just for the viewer's gratification?

- Could sexuality in mythological and biblical themes panting be elevated as a legitimate subject of art?

nudus nudum Christum sequi 

  • Meeting point: Friday january 18th 11 AM, Palazzo Barberini, via delle Quattro Fontane, 13
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Max group size: 6
  • Price:  adults 35 tickets included

Monday, December 17, 2018

Art & Bites in Trastevere - Saturday december 22nd 10 am

8:34 PM

Art & Bites in Trastevere - Saturday december 22nd 10 am

To enrich soul and vision we will visit ancient churches, adimire priceless art masterpieces and discover an underground surprise.
To gratify our taste and curiosity we'll savor delicious bites as supplì, red pizza and roman bisquits entering in cosy local shops.

A walk of less than 2 km with 3 bites, 2 churches and 1 undergound visit.
We'll visit the medieval churches of S. Crisogono and S. Maria, famous for mosaics and a secret underground. We will admire a surprising statue by Bernini in S. Francesco where sexuality is connected with religion. And obviously some italian bites in a old bakery, a cosy bar and, well, the rest is a surprise...
49 € per person 
 special price 39 € per person

Meeting point piazza Sonnino (in front of the big church)

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

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