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Thursday, April 26, 2018

May 7th 4 pm: Art & Bites in Trastevere

7:50 PM

Art & Bites in Trastevere
To gratify our taste and curiosity we'll savor delicious bites as supplì, red pizza and roman bisquits entering in cosy local shops.
A walk of less than 2 km with 3 bites, 2 churches and 1 undergound visit.
We'll visit the medieval churches of S. Crisogono and S. Maria, famous for mosaics and a secret underground. We will admire a surprising statue by Bernini in S. Francesco where sexuality is connected with religion. And obviously some italian bites in a old bakery, a cosy bar and, well, the rest is a surprise...
49 € per person
Meeting point piazza Sonnino (in front of the big church)

May 11th 8 pm: Vatican Night Tour

7:43 PM

During the hot season Art lovers are offered the unique opportunity to visit the Vatican Museums at night. The museum opens its doors after sunset till 11 pm. We will visit all the masterpieces of the Vatican, including the Sistine Chapel and the Pope Apartments, avoiding big crowds.Join us for this wonderful late summer evening full of history, art and beauty.

May 11th 8pm
Meeting point: viale Vaticano 100
Duration: 2,5 hours
Max group size: 10
Only 59 € tickets included
for info:
for bookings: click here

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Friday june 15th : Testaccio, the hill

1:03 PM

The name of the Testaccio district comes from the Latin “testae”: jars.
Testaccio is in fact an artificial hill made of thousands and thousands of fragments of abandoned amphorae once used for transporting goods that arrived in the nearby river port from all over the Empire. The hill still exists and is also known as The monte de’ Cocci, the hill of the crocks.
This story it pretty much known by everyone in Rome but then nobody really climbed the hill, nobody really knows where was the ancient harbour, how this trade actually worked in the past and why it happened right there near the sacred Pons sublicius (the sublicius bridge).

Friday 15 June we will seek for answers: we will locate the ruins of Emporium, we will see the remains of the majestic porticus Aemiliae and above all we will ascend the Monte of Cocci, admiring Rome from up there, from Testaccio, as Pasolini in that famous photo (photo: Paolo di Paolo) ...

Friday june 15th : Testaccio, the hill. 12.15 am, via Nicola Zabaglia 24

Monday, March 26, 2018

april 21st: Palazzo Patrizi exclusive tour

5:57 PM

Palazzo Patrizi exclusive tour

Palazzo Patrizi exclusive tour

The Palazzo Patrizi was built during the 17th century and remains the home of the Patrizi family today. A wide atrium leads to the entrance hall, and through the staircase you reach the private apartments on the second floor.

The rooms are adorned with remarkable frescoes and the rich family gallery, and all the furniture is original. The splendid dining room houses precious Meissen porcelain while the curious Gothic room, overlooking the church of S. Luigi dei Francesi, contains an ancient papal ensign. Accompanied by the owners, visitors can relive the historical events of this ancient Roman family and their exceptional palace.

Interested? Book your tour by contacting us at or directly HERE

Practical information
Duration: 1 hours
Languages: italian / english / español / nederlands
Tour will take place on April 21 at 17.30.
Meeting point: in front of San Luigi dei Francesi Church

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Via Giulia, friday march 9th, 3.15 pm

3:58 PM

Via Giulia, the Renaissance highway of Rome, friday march 9th, 3.15 pm

Via Giulia takes his name from the pope who designed it, Julius II and it's to me the most beautiful and pictoresque street of Rome. It consists i one km in a straight line, planned to be the urban planning masterpiece of the city as an exquisite example of the renewal of Rome by the Popes.
Vasari, describing the project wrote: "The pope was determined to place in Strada Giulia, which was under Bramante's direction, all the offices and administrative seats of power of Rome in one place, for the convenience of those who had business to do there, having been until then constantly much inconvenience". In one word: modernity.

Now days via Giulia it's still as the Pope wanted it but probably quieter, with few cars, some elegant antique shops, and has a lot to offer for a curious visitor. Friday 9th of march we will stroll through the "strada di Giulio" with our eyes wide open to observe its facades and portals, fountains and bridges. To enrich the menù we will visit two of the hidden gems still kept secure behind wide Renaissance walls: the national church of the Florentines, San Giovanni dei Fiorentini and the so-called Sistine chapel of the Counterreformation, the Oratorio del Gonfalone.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Bernini vs Borromini, friday february 9th, 3.30 pm

12:53 PM

Bernini vs Borromini Tour


It was a rivalry between two men that transformed Rome into the most beautiful and modern city of 17th century Europe.

Meeting point:
Palazzo Barberini, main entrance.  
2 hours
 Max Group Size:
September 16, 2017 
Start Times:

These two really hated each other. Their names: Gianlorenzo Bernini and Francesco Borromini. This… is the story of their enmity!
So, let’s get to know the contenders. Understanding Baroque in a 2 hours walk!
 The two main masters of roman Baroque: Bernini's passion, art as a full theatrical lighting. Borromini's genius, the modernity of "chess master" architect.
 Their masterpieces on the Quirinale hill.

S. Andrea al Quirinale (Bernini)

S. Carlo alle Quattro Fontane (Borromini)

S. Maria della Vittoria (Bernini)
Palazzo Barberini (Bernini, Borromini, Pietro da Cortona)

Practical information

Duration: 2 hours
Language: english
Price: €20 per person

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Palazzo Altemps: a Renaissance palace, a unique sculpture collection and a surprising modern art exhibit

7:39 PM

Sunday February 11, 10 am: Guided visit in english to Palazzo Altemps - a Renaissance palace, a unique sculpture collection and a surprising modern art exhibit.

Palazzo Altemps, few meters away from Navona square, is a wonderful Renaissance palace once owned by Cadinal Altemps, nowadays houses a collection of antiquities assembling the statues of the leading roman families of the past, one for all: the legendary Boncompagni-Ludovisi collection. 
Just the location and the statues exposed should be enough to make of this museum a must for every visitor of the city.  But in the next months the museum will be furthermore enriched by the exhibition dedicated to Piero Fornasetti (Milan, 1913-Milan, 1988) "Practical Citations". 

The greek and roman masterpieces are surrounded by surreal art pieces of this Italian polyhedral artist, creating a surprising vision where past and present creations are surprisingly talking the same language of art, a language based on symmetry and balanced forms.

in action!

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