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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I Giubilei attraverso i secoli e l' arte

3:41 PM

Video - Un itinerario attraverso i luoghi dei Giubilei nei secoli.
- San Giovanni in Laterano ed il primo Giubileo.
- L'Ara Coeli e la cattività di Avignone.
- Piazza del Popolo e la porta dell'Urbe.
- Il ponte dei pellegrini: ponte sant'Angelo.

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Tour: The Sacred and the Sexual

12:38 PM

Palazzo Barberini is an an extraordinary Baroque palace built for Pope Urban VIII. It hosts the national collection of Renaissance and Baroque art. 
Discovering this unique art collection we will focus on the development of European taste in matter of nudity, sexuality and love to find out that both profane and sacred art pieces are valuable historic sources to comprehend the morality of the European society through the centuries.

  - In Christian societies, patrons and artists valued chastity and celibacy. Depictions of unclothed bodies were very rare and used just to convey ideas of shame, how and when did it change?

- What is the influence of "classical" Greek and Roman art nudes on the development of European art?

- Nudity in Christian art is just a consequence of Renaissance naturalism or it is an aesthetic choice guided by deep religious beliefs? 

- What is the difference in-between nudity and nakedness?

- Are sex objects in art shown just for the viewer's gratification?

- Could sexuality in mythological and biblical themes panting be elevated as a legitimate subject of art?

-Practical information-
Every day exept mondays.
Duration:       2 hours
Languages:    italian / english / español / nederlands

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Summer tips by Chris

8:04 PM

Rome has a lot to offer, a never ending list of notable places, I would need a book to give you a proper list.
However, if you want to grab some ideas ad suggestions by a local:

The Roman National Museum. It hosts the most important collection of Roman sculptures, mosaics and paintings of the city, maybe even more important than the Vatican Museum collection but with the advantadge that it is never crowded (I do not really understand why…). If you go do not miss: the Boxer statue, the Portinari sarcophagus and the house of Livia paintings. With the same ticket you can also visit other 3 museums: The Domitian Thermal baths, Althemps Palace and the Crypta Balbi.
Pas mal... 

Another great museum to visit is the "Capitolini", that has also a wonderful rooftop cafeteria and and incredible view on the Forum (not to mention the amazing art collection). It is by the way the fist museum ever opened to the public in Europe!

The most astonishing ruins in Rome are no doubt the Thermal Baths of Caracalla. Huge pillars and vaults built tin the IIIrd cent., are to me the highest masterpiece of Roman engineering you can find
Have a walk if you can in Trastevere, it is a very nice district, full of charme, art and good food.
Do not miss the main church, Santa Maria in Trastevere, the pastry shop “Biscottificio Innocenti” in via della luce and the pizza and supplì street food style at “Venanzio, la Casa del supplì” in via San Francesco a Ripa.

Other nice discoveries are the undergrounds of San Crisogono church (ask the old man in the sacristy ,he will open you the door and turn on the light with a little tip) and the nuns choir of Santa Cecilia church (with 3 € you can go on the 1st floor and admire the wonderful frescoes by Pietro Cavallini)

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