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11/05/2012         Christian was an excellent guide! He actually recreated the scence from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar where Mark Anthony reads the famous "I have come to bury Caesar" speech. What a terrific surprise!
F. W.
25/05/2012         Very educational. Christian brought a incredible amount of art information that provided a background to the art and sculpture that we saw. The tour was wonderful. The crowds were awful and it was very hot.
C. O.
06/06/2012         Fantastic guide. He knows his art history like the back of his hand. We were very impressed and he made the tour!
S. S.
28/05/2012         Christiaan was excellent, entertaining, knowledgeable and interesting!

A. N.
18/06/2012         Christian was amazing!!! We took a different tour group the day before and were hoping for a better experience. We were so pleased by his knowledge and enthusiasm. He used every available moment to share his expertise with us.
H. I.
30/06/2012         We loved Christiaan!! He did a spectacular job even in very rough circumstances (very crowded, and very hot!!). We could tell he was very passionate about the Vatican history and seemed to really enjoy sharing his vast knowledge!! We would recommend him to anyone!!
D. B. Z.
03/09/2012         Christiaan was amazing! He provided a excellent theological history, art history and secural history that assisted us to gain a very broad understanding of the Vatican, the role of the Catholic church in Italian history and the role of the artists who contribute to the beauty of the vatican. Christiann was engaging, kept our whole group enthralled and captivated for the whole three hours. We could easily have stayed and listened to him for another 3 hours. Christiaan was passionate about the Vatican and it's history. He provided information to present many perspectives of this history which was really appreciated. Previously we thought we had an understanding on what the Vatican was about, however we now have a deeper appreciation of not just what the Vatican means to Catholics but how it has contributed to our history as a people. I would personally recommend Christiaan to anyone - he is brilliant, entertaining, well informed, passionate and personable. Thanks for an awesome tour Christiaan!
P. S.
29/10/2012         Really enjoyed the tour Christiaan gave us lots of interesting facts and also made us laugh. He was very knowledgeable and passionate about the Vatican museums and the Sistine chapel and St Peters. Would recommend very highly to other tourists!
N. W.
27/10/2012         Christiaan is very good in engaging the group and he weaves a joke here and there to add flavor to the tour. He is also very organized in presenting the facts in a step by step manner to us.
A. S.
07/12/2012         Salimos encatados del Vaticano nos impresiono mucho y sentimos hasta emocion al poder pisar la Capilla Sixtina. Christiaan genial, no lo pudo explicar mejor. Cuando podamos volveremos.
C. F. M.
05/03/2013         Very very interesting tour, Christian was very entertaining and made me more interested in Art and History than i thought i ever would be. Christian is a very knowledgable person and kept us interested all through the morning. I would thoroughly recommend this Tour.
J. S.
11/03/2013         Eager to go that extra mile to provide everyone with specifics and details.
G. A.
29/03/2013         29 y 30 de 2013 visitatos Roma:El vaticano con Christiaan y fue una experiencia alucinante ,nos hiso vivir las pinturas como si estuvieramos con Rafael o Miguel Angel. Un exelente guia muy preparado y simpatico.Lo recomendamos totalmente.muchas gracias

Y. C.
09/05/2013         He was very thoughtful And interested in make us learn the history. Excellent guide!!! He make the trip worth!!!! Thank you again!!!
S. P. R.
19/06/2012         Christiaan was amazing. My partner and I were both entranced the entire time he was talking and we gained a great amount of knowledge from him.
M. J.
18/07/2013         The tour was excellent. Christiaan was very knowledgeable about all aspects of the Vatican. He choose to go through the Pope's apartments rather than the museum itself. It was a great choice. He explained all of the frescoes we saw and discussed the Sistine Chapel before we went in. This is the only good way to see the Vatican.

S. H.
08/09/2013         We couldn't have asked for a better guide. Christiaan's knowledge and passion for Ancient Rome was obvious & outstanding, he kept us interested with his stories and also had a sense of humour, very informative... Excellent!!!
B. T.
13/09/2013         Christiaan was beyond fantastic!! Obviously, one could spend days at the Vatican, so he had to make choices as to what to cover in 3 hours. What he did choose was explained interestingly and with clarity (especially the Sistine Chapel).
B. J.
25/10/2013         I found Chistriaan to be a wonderful guide! He was so interesting and knowledgeable - I was impressed to find out he had studied Theology as well. He had such an insight into the artists, Catholic Church and history that I felt we only skimmed the surface of his repertoire. I'm very happy we booked our tour with Dark Rome and was very impressed with our guide, Christiaan. Thank you!!!!
T. M.
 20/4/2014         Christiaan, our tour guide, was very knowledgeable & very thorough. He made sure that no one got left behind in a very extensive tour plan. He added information that you rarely hear about and dismissed alot of false information.
12/03/2015        Excelente las explicaciones de Christiaan, quien hizo de la visita una clase de historia de lo más amena e interesante. ¡¡Realmente un lujo esta visita!!
10/05/2015        You could tell the guide had a passion for art history. This made a big difference. The things he pointed out, I would of otherwise missed.
18/09/2015        Christiaan brought a great mix of humour, passion, and knowledge, to our tour. Compared to other guides we had on our trip to Italy he was a class apart. Excellent.
24/09/2015       Tour guide, Christian, was great -- very in depth knowledge of the place without being dry or boring, covered a lot of different topics. Group size was just right and all very nice. Respected the rules of the area and encouraged the group to follow them, which allowed you to truly enjoy the Vatican. Wish the other tours would do that, too! Thanks for a very enjoyable afternoon!
10/11/2015  Eva, sent me by Christheguide, gave us a fantastic tour of the Vatican at night. You could feel his enthusiasm for the artwork he was speaking of, really adding to the atmosphere of the tour! A once in a lifetime opportunity! Highly recommended!
 15/06/2018 Christiaan was very knowledgeable about the Colosseum and the various sites we saw on Palatine Hill! He made the tour extremely interesting and engaging and I enjoyed it very much! Highly recommend!!
30/08/2018  Christiaan was very knowledgeable about the Colosseum and the various sites we saw on Palatine Hill! He made the tour extremely interesting and engaging and I enjoyed it very much! Highly recommend!!
26/05/2019 Christiaan was great! He was respectful and attentive to us and other groups(not breaking in between another group, aware when one of us lagged behind). He made good choices and appropriate stops as we toured. Without Christiaan we would have spent more time and had less knowledge and appreciation. In addition, but less important to us was there was no wait to enter the museum, entered through tour group area. He grabbed our tickets and we were in ;)


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