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The ultimate food guide in Rome spring & summer 2019 by Chris

Where to eat in Rome, a short guide by Christheguide for your spring and summer 2019

A very important part of any holiday is the food, expecially when in Rome.
Italian food is no doubt on of the best possible worldwide but Rome you have to know where to go.
Where do I go to eat?
Here some tasty suggestions:

La Torricella in via Evangelista Torricelli 2, Testaccio Area
Just one of my favourite places in all Rome. Especially for the antipasti and fresh fish. 
Testaccio is a little south of the city-center but is worth a visit, the area is in general one of the pest places to seek for real roman food for local, la Torricella is simply my place

Other options in the Testaccio area:
Da Felice, via Mastro Giorgio 29
Perilli, via Marmorata 39
Both old traditional places, very high quality but a little more expansive than la Torricella.

Other beautiful area to seek for food is the Jewish district, known in Italian as the Ghetto.  
My favourite is: Ba Ghetto, via del Portico d'Ottavia, 57. Real kosher restaurant, but roman  and Israeli kosher cuisine, just failproof. 

Other option in the Ghetto area:
Yotvata, Piazza Cenci 70; signature song pasta with fish
Sora Margherita, Piazza delle Cinque Scole 30, not kosher, simple small and cosy place. Food 5 stars

The third mecca aerea for food in Rome is Trastevere, and here the choice is very complicated.
The place to go is anyway still th Pizzeria ai Marmi (aka Panattoni), Viale Trastevere 57. Take a pizza there and appetizer (supplì is just mind-blowing). To me, really, best pizza in town. Super cheap...

more in Trastevere?
Trattoria Antico Carlone, Via della Luce 5 has one of the best Carbonara's in town
Enzo al 29, Via dei Vascellari, 29 is great but on all the touristic guides so always very crowded. Go if you want but very early or very late.
Osteria der Belli, piazza S.Apollonia,11. Nothing changed there since 1970 I suppose, great vintage option.
For take away do not miss: il Supplì (aka da Venanzio), via san Francesco a Ripa 137

And if you are in other areas of town? 

If you go to San Lorenzo, close to the train station and the San Lorenzo Basilica choose: Pommidoro, piazza dei Sanniti 46
If you are in between the train station and the Colosseum (piazza Vittorio area) 2 places: da Danilo, via Petrarca 13 and Vecchia Roma, via Ferruccio 13.
Close to the train station few steps form the wide via Nazionale avenue have a sit in Est Est Est, via Genova 32

around the super monumets of Rome city-center:

Colosseum area:
Taverna Romana, Via della Madonna dei Monti, 79: very close to the Roman Forum entrance, quality/price unbeatable there
Nerone, via delle Terme di Tito 96: on the Oppian hill, good food with tables outside facing the Colosseum
Le Tavernelle, via Panisperna 48: out of the touristic routes, hidden to the most = hidden gem
Very very colse to the Colsseum, few steps form the besutiful San Clemente church:
Luzzi, Via di San Giovanni in Laterano, 88 for cheap pizza with tables outside
Naumachia, Via Celimontana 7, air conditioned, huge, all good, nothing special but well, why not...

Trevi area:
I would personally never stop to eat around there, but if mandatory:
Vineria Il Chianti, via del Lavatore 81
Quirinetta caffè e cucina, via Minghetti 2
Trattoria al Moro, vicolo delle Bollette 13 (this is a great place but expansive) 

Ranaissance city center:
Enoteca Corsi, via del Gesù 87-88. Known as the luch place for the Gesuit piests as theys main chrch is very close by. Do not forget, where priests eat in Rome food is always good. Opend only on lunch time during the week, dinner just on weekends! Few steps form the Pantheon.

For take away pizza choose pizza Florida via Florida 25 (but basically on Largo Argentina, right in front of the place where Cesar was assassinated!)

Campo de' Fiori is the place in Rome for an aperitif, if hungry afterword’s choose:
Grappolo d'Oro, Piazza della Cancelleria, 80. I go there often. (but no tables outiside)
Ar Galletto, piazza Farnese 104: good food, honest prices and with a nice view on palazzo Farnese, the most beautiful renaissance facade of town (by Michelangelo by the way)

Around Navona square I go to 2 places:
Ponte & Parione, Via di S. Maria dell'Anima 62; food & kitchen
Pizzeria La Montecarlo, vicolo Savelli 13. Just pizza or pasta, forget about the rest of the menu and you'll have a great meal



  1. food is 50% of my trip, great post thanks

  2. thanks for La torricella suggestion, it was really good!


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