Thursday, February 15, 2018

Via Giulia

Via Giulia, the Renaissance highway of Rome

Via Giulia takes his name from the pope who designed it, Julius II and it's to me the most beautiful and pictoresque street of Rome. It consists i one km in a straight line, planned to be the urban planning masterpiece of the city as an exquisite example of the renewal of Rome by the Popes.
Vasari, describing the project wrote: "The pope was determined to place in Strada Giulia, which was under Bramante's direction, all the offices and administrative seats of power of Rome in one place, for the convenience of those who had business to do there, having been until then constantly much inconvenience". In one word: modernity.

Now days via Giulia it's still as the Pope wanted it but probably quieter, with few cars, some elegant antique shops, and has a lot to offer for a curious visitor. Friday 9th of march we will stroll through the "strada di Giulio" with our eyes wide open to observe its facades and portals, fountains and bridges. To enrich the menĂ¹ we will visit two of the hidden gems still kept secure behind wide Renaissance walls: the national church of the Florentines, San Giovanni dei Fiorentini and the so-called Sistine chapel of the Counterreformation, the Oratorio del Gonfalone.

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