Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Tempietto, Bramente's masterpiece

A hidden masterpiece of Rome: the Tempietto by Bramante on the Gianicolo hill.

Visit the art masterpiece of Eternal Rome with Chris the guide!
The Tempietto is part of my "Trastevere Tour".

The so-called Tempietto (Italian: "small temple") is a small commemorative martyrium built by Donato Bramante, possibly as early as 1502, in the courtyard of San Pietro in Montorio. It is considered a masterpiece of High Renaissance architecture. Originally patronized by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain.

After spending his first years in Milan, Bramante moved to Rome, where he was recognized by Cardinal Giuliano della Rovere, the soon-to-be Pope Julius II. One of Bramante's earliest commissions, the "Tempietto" is one of the most harmonious buildings of the Renaissance. It is meant to mark the traditional spot of St. Peter's martyrdom.

The stuccos decorating the cupola of the crypta

With all the transformations of Renaissance and Baroque Rome that were to follow, it is hard to sense now what an apparition this building was in the beginning of the 16th century. It is almost a piece of sculpture, for it has little architectonic use. The building absorbed much of Brunelleschi's style. Perfectly proportioned, it is composed of slender Tuscan columns, a Doric entablature modeled after the ancient Theater of Marcellus, and a dome. According to an engraving in Sebastiano Serlio's Book III, Bramante planned to set it in within a colonnaded courtyard, but this plan was never executed.

Blue sky and stars frescoes on the big cupola

The entrance with St. Peter's statue on the altar

Tthe beautiful cosmati pavement
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