Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The "Rioni" of Rome tours

Trastevere is Rome. Words can’t describe the complexity and richness of this rione, maybe the most popular and lively of the eternal city. Trastevere has two faces: calm, relaxing and characteristic during the day, chaotic and fun-loving at night. Its churches, its medieval narrow streets and its nightlife represent a summa of the essence of Rome.

Noble aristocrats, skilled courtesans, artisans' workshops. Since the end of the Middle Ages, the area, due to its particular location (we are just in front of the Vatican), has always been a good spot for taverns and shops, exactly as it is today. But Ponte & Parione is much more than this: here the Baroque style was born.The area, with its very precious noble palaces, its fantastic churches and the most beautiful square in Rome, piazza Navona, has always been the drawing room of Rome.

Mons Caelius: one of the sacred seven hills of Rome. A pretty modern residential area that hides ancient treasures. The rione was, during the Roman age, a kind of Roman Beverly Hills where the richest families had their splendid villas, while in the Middle Ages it became depopulated. This paved the way to its acquisition by many religious orders that gave the area a very rural appearance, interrupted by their magnificent ancient fortress churches.

Business, politics and religion. The ghetto, home of the jews since centuries, the heart of the commercial life of the town. Ripa and its docks, where all the tradeable goods coming from all over the empire where discharged by the ships that went up the river from its mouth. The Aventine hill, once home of the Roman aristocrats, then soil of consacration of the new christian religion. Centuries of persecutions, bribery, good deals and acts of heroism.

Monti is today, along with Trastevere, the most pictoresque rione of Rome.We will spend two lovely hours surrounded by the beauties of the most ancient neighborhood of Rome.We’ll walk on the same street where Gaius Julius Cesar himself was born. 2500 years of history, kings, emperors, fierce rival families, popes and prostitutes.

© Christiaan Santini

-Practical information-
Duration:           2 hours every tour
Languages:        italian / english / español / nederlands


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