Monday, December 20, 2010

Tours: Seeking Caravaggio


A walk around Rome to discover Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, the most revolutionary painter of the XVIIth Century!
Enigmatic, rebellious, fascinating and dangerous. A genius that subverted the standards of the art of painting. What begins with Caravaggio is, quite simply, modern painting.

Our tour:

S. Luigi dei Francesi
Caravaggio and his first public commission: Stories of San Matteo (Contarelli chapel)
Caravaggio vs Domenichino (Stories of Santa Cecilia - Cerasi chapel), Caravaggio's manner and the answer of Classicism

Caravaggio and the Madonna dei Pellegrini
Caravaggio vs Lanfranco (the SS. Agostino and Guglielmo chapel)

Santa Maria del Popolo
The Cesi chapel: Caravaggio vs Annibale Carracci

Palazzo Barberini:
The Devine Providence fresco by Pietro da Cortona and the Caravaggists collection

(The video has been filmed and produced with the help of Luca Liberatoscioli, Emiliano Sirleto, Matteo Locasciulli, Chicca Snider, Henrica van Velzen and the ARTENTERPRISES s.r.l.)

© Christiaan Santini

-Practical informations-
Days and timetables are subject to change depending on your wishes and the opening hours of the monuments.
Duration:             2 hours 
Languages:         italian / english / español / nederlands

Caravaggio's journeys

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